Planning and Education

We want our clients to face the future with confidence. Wealth planning at Tiedemann Constantia is a core competency, performed with all the care, insight and collaborative spirit you deserve.

We have built a long history of working with high-net-worth individuals, families and family offices, because we know that every client requires a unique plan and personal attention. We provide ongoing estate, philanthropic and succession planning, creating customized plans that we can adapt with you as your goals evolve.

To create your plan, we enlist trusted partners —including lawyers, accountants, tax experts and trust specialists — who work with our investment professionals as one team. We also coordinate with your own advisors providing all parties a more holistic picture of your financial goals and activities.

How is a plan developed?
Building a holistic picture of your objectives, cash-flow needs, estimated growth and other factors and interests.
Compiling all your assets, ownership structures and estate planning information together.
Bringing our team of investment and planning professionals together with you and your other advisors.
Co-creating a customized set of preliminary observations and recommendations.
Executing the plan and adapting it as needed.
Consolidating performance reporting across all assets.

Education & Governance

We know how important it is for families, boards and others to understand your plans and the roles and responsibilities that may be involved. We work hard to build that understanding, by holding or attending family and committee meetings and providing education on succession planning, governance and other issues.

Community Square

We’re not the only experts in the room. Our clients find some of the most valuable insights come from exchanging ideas together. Community Square is an educational resource and collaborative forum for high-net-worth families to meet and share knowledge and experience with their peers.

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