Trust and Estate

You have the power to provide for your family and community. We have the experience to help you leave exactly the legacy you want.

We can help you preserve and distribute your wealth as you intend. Through our partners we can also offer you trust services, whether you already have a trust or are in the process of setting one up.

Since an estate can be active for many years, your advisor needs to be with you for years as well. Because we are a partnership with no outside ownership, our goal is to be here for the long term.

What do you get with Tiedemann Constantia as your estate planner?
Preserving assets for multiple generations, responding to unexpected personal and business risks, and protecting assets from future claims of creditors and others
Crafting highly customized and flexible plans, including the opportunity to delay informing beneficiaries of their inheritances
Peace of Mind
Extending benefits across future generations and balancing interests between current and remainder beneficiaries
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